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Today, we are featuring one of our amazing brand reps, @wendology, and I couldn't be happier to share this sweet mommy and her babies! 

My name is Wendy and I am from Singapore! I'm probably one of the very few mamas in Singapore that shop extensively with US shops for kids' clothes! I have a girl and a boy. Hayley is 4 years old and Finley is 2 years old. 

I don't have a definite style and buy whatever I think will look good on my kids. Of course I also follow trends and tend to buy clothes that are highly popular, which may a disadvantage for me since they cannot be easily purchased lol. I used to love rompers on Hayley, but Hayley has since outgrown them and is moving more towards wearing girly dresses. I also love them in street style clothes and dress them in it whenever I can. 
We started repping in 2015, when Hayley was 2 years old. It was this shop that made cute dresses for girls. I didn't even enter any contest, the shop approached me even when we had very little followers. The shop has since closed lol. 
When we started buying more handmade and using more hashtags, our followers increased. So we started joining more brand repping and enthusiast contests and slowly, we were chosen more and more. Currently, we hardly join any repping contests unless we really love the shop. Right now we get approached for collaborations and repping through DMs. 70% of what you see on our feed now are due to collabs with shops.
Ever since Finley started posing for photos, our collabs are now slowly expanding to shops who love brother/sister twinning.
wanted cuter clothes for Hayley and the local shops we had over here weren't enough for me. The first handmade piece I ever bought for Hayley was from @_blumonet. I loved her hmong pieces and I think I stumbled onto her shop when I was following some of the more popular US IG accounts. Then I discovered Brass and it opened up a whole new world of handmade for me because I wanted to find more Brass to purchase, and I discovered bst groups on Facebook. The rest is history haha! I discovered so many other handmade shops from the Facebook bst groups I joined. Interestingly, I think I was the only one from Singapore then that started buying handmade from the US. And it is because of me (I think!) that US shops infiltrated into the Singapore IG community. So you could say that I was the pioneer in having Singaporeans buying from small handmade shops in the US.
Our first piece was this cute pink polkadot leotard in Feb 2016! I suddenly had a love for leotards and so I started searching for shops making leotards. And that was how I discovered Xaria! 2 years later, we are still buying from Xaria. Just look at how Hayley has grown with Xaria from the photo collage! One of the reasons why we also continue buying from Xaria is because Morgan is the sweetest. She always responds to me so quickly and never says no to me. I will continue to buy from Xaria as long as Hayley can wear her pieces. 💕
Check Out Wendy's Instagram: @wendology

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